YNAC Alumni Blog v.1

We spoke to Maud about her experience of being part of the YNA Collective and what she's up to now... My involvement in YNA has provided me with both the confidence and opportunity to work on a whole range of projects and events since my first meeting in 2017. YNA put on so many incredible... Continue Reading →

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CONNECT 2 Still I Write Workshop

We are in the fourth week of lockdown when the CONNECT 2 Still I Write: Poetry, Activism & Connection workshop rolls around. Cup of tea in one hand, notebook and pen in the other, I settle down in front of my laptop and wait to join the Zoom call.

Sadé Mica Exhibition and OUTPOST

Words and photographs by Beth Gaffney OUTPOST Gallery OUTPOST is a volunteer-run, artist-led charity with a gallery and studio complex based in Norwich. Their programme takes a unique position in the city, focusing on production – offering contemporary artists the freedom to take risks and experiment with their work.  Last week, I saw their most... Continue Reading →

YNAC Alumni Blog v.4

"Through being part of Young Norfolk Arts, I now have meaningful connections with arts industry professionals who can support me if I choose to follow a career in the arts - which, thanks to YNA, I feel is entirely possible." Taryn, YNA Collective 2018-19 Photo taken by Huang Yi Kai Hey! I’m Taryn, I’m 18... Continue Reading →

Sonic Youth v7.1 Review

Upon arriving at Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday 18th January 2020 I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I’d never been to a Sonic Youths event before. For those of you who don’t know, Sonic Youths is a music development event held at Norwich Arts Centre every month for musicians aged 14-19 in the surrounding... Continue Reading →

YNAC Alumni Blog v.3

"Being part of this nurturing environment really helped my confidence in my art grow. I learnt how to address an audience, choose a set of poetry to perform, adjust a microphone, and talk to the producers of the events I was speaking at." Katie, YNA Collective 2019 When I moved to Norwich in September of... Continue Reading →

YNAC Alumni Blog v.2

"I can say wholeheartedly that YNA changed my relationship with Norwich. I knew I wanted to get involved with its arts scene but wasn’t quite sure how to do that, and YNA has helped me build an amazing place for myself." Ellie, YNA Collective 2019 I joined the YNA family in January 2019, after seeing... Continue Reading →

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