YNAC Alumni Blog v.1

We spoke to Maud about her experience of being part of the YNA Collective and what she's up to now... My involvement in YNA has provided me with both the confidence and opportunity to work on a whole range of projects and events since my first meeting in 2017. YNA put on so many incredible... Continue Reading →

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YNAC Alumni Blog v.2

"I can say wholeheartedly that YNA changed my relationship with Norwich. I knew I wanted to get involved with its arts scene but wasn’t quite sure how to do that, and YNA has helped me build an amazing place for myself." Ellie, YNA Collective 2019 I joined the YNA family in January 2019, after seeing... Continue Reading →

AI: The End of Society?

By Nell Basley On the 24th October 2019 I walked into the Forum Auditorium expecting a long lecture and excessive chunks of content about a subject I wasn’t completely familiar with. I knew that artificial intelligence was demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans, but I realised I was completely unaware... Continue Reading →

Space Dogs @ Norwich Science Festival

By Jake Foster The last day of the Norwich Science Festival saw a plethora of events all based around the themes of physics and astronomy. At midday, the Forum’s auditorium was home to Space Dogs, a pawsitively fascinating talk about the important contributions that our four-legged friends have made to the history of spaceflight. And... Continue Reading →

UNIT: Reach the Moon

By Nell Basley The set of the audio visual performance at Norwich Arts Centre. On October 22nd 2019 I arrived at Norwich Arts Centre late, stressed and tired; but the moment I entered the darkness of the performance my previous emotions dissipated. I was completely consumed by the intricacy of the imagery on seven surrounding... Continue Reading →

Join the YNA Collective!

Recruitment for the 2019-2020 Collective is now open. True to our ethos, YNAC is a platform that celebrates creativity and performance by and for young people in Norfolk and is open to anyone aged 16-25. Through regular meetings, training sessions, practical hands on workshops and collaborative sessions with our partners, the Collective develop the skills... Continue Reading →

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