YNA Comms Team members to travel to the International Congress of Youth Voices

World’s most accomplished teen writers and activists will gather for five days of planning and action in San Juan.

Young Norfolk Arts is delighted to be sending Taryn Everdeen and Maud Webster to the International Congress of Youth Voices to meet with other young teen writers and activists as well as more established writers, activists and elected officials from around the world to discuss topics at the forefront of our society today.

“The opportunity to represent our community at an international level is thrilling and I cannot wait to meet with similarly-minded young people from across the world at the conference. Platforms for young people to cluster and discuss the pressing issues which face our generation are generally lacking so it will be incredible to participate in such a valuable forum.” Maud

“Meeting new people is something I love to do, and this gathering of international youth with interesting backstories and passion and drive is such an amazing opportunity to make those connections. I can’t wait to learn from the experiences of the speakers and other participants at the summit. I’m really happy that Maud and I are going together – we’ve worked on so many projects since we met, and I feel that our personalities and skills just complement each other so well. The Congress looks to be a real adventure for us both.” Taryn

“I am so delighted that Taryn and Maud have been chosen to attend this conference. They are such committed Comms team members and perfect ambassadors for their generation. We are all very proud of them and can’t wait to hear about this particular adventure on their return.” Lucy Farrant, Director of YNAF

Now in its second year, the International Congress of Youth Voices will take place August 7 through 10, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Congress will unite 150 students, most of them between the ages of 16 and 20, hailing from countries all over, including: Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Nepal, Palestine, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and the United States.

“There is no more important time to celebrate young people who are fighting for what they believe in, have a vision for a more fair and just world, and bring creativity to their storytelling,” said Amanda Uhle, a co-founder of the International Congress of Youth Voices with author Dave Eggers. “We look forward to fostering collaborations and inspirations in Puerto Rico this August.”

Student delegates were chosen based on their commitment to leadership and social justice and their passion and eloquence as writers.

We can’t wait to hear all about their adventure!

YNA Comms Team 2019


Meeting by chance on a college open day in 2017, Taryn and Maud soon formed a fast friendship, which has led them to do amazing things together! After working as part of the WOWsers (the group of young women 15-18 who helped with the running of Norwich’s Women of the World festival in 2018), the girls used the momentum from the event to set up Girl Up Norwich, operating under the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up. They meet as a group to discuss issues related to gender equality, offering a safe space for young people to share their views, and have organised events, which have been hugely successful – the Girl Up Arts Night at the Norwich Arts Centre in December sold out! Webster and Everdeen are both in their second year on the YNAF comms team, often contributing pieces to the blog as a duo. More recently, they’ve co-presented a string of shows at BBC Radio Norfolk, using the platform to highlight the issues they’re passionate about, like environmentalism, gender equality and youth voice.

Taryn Everdeen
Maud Webster

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