YNAC Alumni Blog v.1

We spoke to Maud about her experience of being part of the YNA Collective and what she’s up to now…

My involvement in YNA has provided me with both the confidence and opportunity to work on a whole range of projects and events since my first meeting in 2017.

YNA put on so many incredible opportunities for its Collective team members: from planning events, to reviewing festivals and learning arts management, design, and writing skills from top professionals. It is also a way to pitch your own ideas, and get help with whatever projects you want to pursue in your own time. I’ve even had the immense opportunity to travel abroad thanks to the generous support of YNAF; myself and fellow Collective member Taryn Everdeen were able to attend the International Congress of Youth Voices this summer, representing YNA, Norfolk, and England. This was a trip I’ll never forget and allowed us to forge even more meaningful connections and memories with arts professionals and monumental young people from across the globe.

One of the remarkable aspects of the YNA Collective is the concrete sense of community it has to offer. I’ve found friendships amongst my fellow members, and mentors amongst the wonderful team who run the organisation, and had the privilege to meet so many admirable and inspirational people during the meetings and events.

Another highlight of my time with YNA was the chance to put on events which create a platform for young local musicians, dancers, poets, and other artists. Getting to see all this top talent and play a role in organising the events has been so fun, rewarding and very satisfying to see all come together.

I now study Architecture & Urban Planning, and I definitely think YNA has played a role in this decision; it’s taught me the importance of the arts in both learning more about yourself as an individual, but also how communities can be affected and lives improved through the introduction of art.

I cannot recommend the YNA Collective enough! What I’ve covered is just a flavour of the many great things you can expect from the experience. It’s a fab chance to meet other people who love the arts and learn skills that’ll aid you in both your personal and professional lives.

Recruitment for the Collective is open until Sunday 26 January, find out more and how to apply at youngnorfolkarts.org.uk/collective

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