Creative Activism with YNA Collective alumni Taylor Jones


“Can Graphic Design save your life?” said the exhibition poster in the London Underground. I had never asked myself this before – so in order to find the answer, I decided to visit. By the time I left, I was sure: yes, Graphic Design can save your life. Ever since then I’ve wondered: what else can it do?


Since 2018, I have been a part of some Extinction Rebellion protests and projects. Through them, I have learned a huge amount about the climate crisis, and have been encouraged to express important issues in creative ways. For me, this has included clothing, protest banners and photography.

In 2019 our university set us a ‘Grand Challenge’ – to create a political campaign that raised awareness of an important environmental issue. We got a ramshackle team together and hit the research. Turns out that unsustainble concrete use is a big issue – so, for one week, that’s what we campaigned about.


More animals are killed by cars than poaching, deforestation and pollution combined. Thankfully, ‘wildlife bridges’ (literally grassy bridges of wildlife across a main road) have been shown to reduce animal-vehicle collisions by 99 percent. So why aren’t they everywhere? They cost time + money that councils prefer to spend elsewhere – so we need to put the pressure on… Created for my EPQ at City College.


How can we encourage more people to give blood? These visuals demonstrate two potential ideas: a user-friendly booking app + an awareness campaign using plasters to remind people of the value of their blood. Created for my EPQ at City College.

Taylor is an alumni of our YNA Collective. He is currently studying BA Graphic Design at Falmouth University, as well as working freelance as a designer. You can find him on Instagram at

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